Health Police! Think Twice Before Buying A Plastic Bottled Drink

Has the barcode given at the bottom of any plastic water bottle ever drawn your attention?

I guess no one looked beyond what it superficially serves for, to be precise, no one finds it important or necessary. However, let us inform you that there is more to it than we knew and we strongly recommend doing it for a number of medical reasons. Always check the bottom of the plastic water bottles before buying them!

You know water bottles that consist of letters HDPE, HDP, PP are safer to have while bottles that are marked with other letters indicates that the water is not safe to consume.

Down here are a different type of marks that will help you out in distinguishing the dangerous and healthiest water.

This graphic shows the signs you need to take care of

Check the marks according to the numbers they are provided with.

1. PETE or PET

It is the most common type of plastic used in consumer products. Mostly, water bottles and soft drink bottles are made up of this kind of plastic and is advised to use just for a single time. It affects the hormonal balance by releasing some chemicals and heavy metals.

2. HDP or HDPE

The specialists suggest that the bottles made up of this type of plastic emits least chemicals and are safer to consume.

3. PVC or 3V

This kind of plastic emits two toxic chemicals that harm the hormones badly. Therefore, it is suggested not to drink water from bottle showing off this mark.


Even though this type of plastic doesn’t emit any chemicals in water, but it can not be utilized for the production of bottles.

5. PP

It is white-colored, semi-transparent plastic that is mostly used for packing purpose and hence not used in making water bottles.

6. PS

Polystyrene is the lightest weighing plastic and is commonly used in making disposable cups, food containers, and plastic picnic cutlery. It liberates some carcinogenic substances when food is kept for the longer duration of time.

7. PC

It is used in the manufacture of sports water bottles and food boxes. But researchers consider it as the most dangerous plastic one can ever encounter. It is suggested not to reuse the material made up of this plastic.

Say NO to plastic and SAVE yourself

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