Freezer Tricks For Items That Are Not Food

Each and every person owns a freezer in their home however there are a lot of other purposes to this chilly appliance apart from freezing your food and drinks! Along with being gentle on clothing and home goods, low temperatures kill bugs, bacteria, and stench.
Keeping it fresh
Do you happen to have some leftover seeds from when you planted a new spring garden, keep them in the freezer! Putting them in the freezer inside an airtight container will maintain the freshness of the seeds until the upcoming season, just be certain to provide the time to thaw before planting them.

Just For Jeans

If you’re nervous that the washing machine will shrink or damage your favorite pair of jeans, turn to the freezer instead. Place your jeans in a canvas bag and freeze overnight to kill bacteria from skin smells that causes odors.

No More Rips

You can extend the life of your pantyhose by freezing them! First, wet the pantyhose and wring them out. Then place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight to help keep the fibers right and prevent runs.

Keep It Cold

The arctic-like temperature of your freezer is helpful to many items in your home! A few frozen hours can do wonders on eliminating bacteria and other harmful things hiding around the house.

Woodworm Removal

The freezer is a the best spot to debug a small wooden antique. Since many wooden antiques have woodworms lurking inside, a few weeks in the freezer will kill the woodworms and their eggs.

Let It Burn

The life of a candle is significantly extended with the help of your freezer! Before you burn a new candle, place in the freezer for a day. When you chill the wax, it will cause it to burn slower and even prevent dripping.

Nice tricks,right?