Easy Trick Fore Oven Cleaning

Cleaning up my oven is one of these tasks that usually gets pushed aside, simply simply because I am so regularly using it and rarely want to set aside the 4 hours to use the self-cleaning function. Once I have a cheesy casserole or sugary, fruit cobbler bubble over into the bottom, though, there is absolutely nothing to do but make the time.

When it gets to that point, where the splatters and spills can no longer be denied, I have to dive in and clean things up. Peering inside at the baked on remnants of delicious dishes past, it can become apparent that my oven has gone well beyond the abilities of “self-cleaning”.

Lol. Well, at least the glass has.

Cleaning up the oven has never ever been so easy, and so inexpensive! And best of all: this technique will save you from the discomfort of scratching and cleaning.

What you will need:

  • Baking powder
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Sponge or cloth

It’s amazing how very little work this takes. The next oven cleaning can gladly come.

Just mix baking powder with water and a splash of vinegar until it forms a paste, and apply to the oven. The mixture remaining in the bowl can be place directly into the oven. Then clean the oven afterwards.

Oh, and share this idea. It’ll save your friends a bunch of work.

Take a look at this video below and see how the magic happen!