The Dentist Was Startled Upon Seeing This Inside His Mouth

It’s not common for dentists to be active on social networks and preach about dentistry, however, not long ago one published a picture on his Facebook that has gotten up to 87,000 shares so far. The reason that made this specific post such a hit wasn’t a pearly white smile.

The photo is a bit graphic , so it speaks for itself. This will inevitably happen to your mouth when you use cocaine. And if you’ve never taken this drug, you definitely won’t ever do it upon seeing this…

As you can see, his mouth has what appears to be a massive hole in the top. This is called a “Palatal perforation due to cocaine abuse,” according to the post from dentist Howard Farran. And if you don’t want your mouth to fall apart, then you need to stay away from cocaine.

While many people know about the potential for nosebleeds or even a “deviated septum” form cocaine abuse, but this is a whole different level of painful and disgusting. And it happens more often than you’d ever realize.

According to, cocaine causes the blood vessels throughout the body to narrow, increasing blood pressure and preventing blood from flowing easily. The tissues in the nasal cavity stop getting enough blood flowing through them and start to degrade.

The photo above shows what happens when this issue goes untreated through years of abuse – by this point the patient is almost untreatable. The dentist shared this as a warning and hopefully people will see this and never think about doing cocaine again.

Here are some other problems that can happen if you use cocaine:

For those eager to get the short-live high from cocaine, you can expect to experience both short and long-term side effects. After using it, you will struggle to fall asleep and might get addicted to it just because it helps you feel energized.

You’ll often experience increased heart rate, muscle spasms, and convulsions. When you’re high on drugs this can make you freak out and induce an anxiety or panic attack if you are susceptible.

The drug often makes users and abusers feel anxious, stressed, hostile, paranoid, angry, when the high wears off. Why do people do cocaine again? The list of problems goes on and on.

While the short-term side effects of cocaine use are too numerous to include here, the long term problems need to be addressed. This picture indicates one of those…

Long-term use of cocaine can lead to increased tolerance of the drug (which means you need to use more and more to feel anything). Plus, you can get addicted.

Besides that, you might experience permanent damage to your brain, heart, and blood vessels. Blood pressure can rise and lead to heart attacks, stroke, and death. Or you might just get liver, kidney, or lung damage, if you’re lucky.

Depending on how you take the drug, you can receive infectious disease and abscesses or HIV if injected.

Severe tooth decay often accompanies long-term users of cocaine. And there are also usually sexual problems and reproductive damage.

Watch the video here.