Chop a Pineapple and Put it in a Pot! This Will Make You Jealous!

Pineapples are one of the most delicious fruit. Can be used in preparing sweet and savory meals and also have a lot of the vitamins. Buying these luxury fruit can be very costly, but there is a simple trick that when done properly, can mean that you will never have to pay for a quality and most importantly naturally grown pineapple.

First, you need to buy one pineapple!

Any pineapple is fine. However it is very important that you buy the pineapple in some better equipped shop.

Next thing you need to do is cut the pineapple “crown”.


Now you need to remember that when cutting the pineapple crown you also need to cut off the top of the pineapple. Namely you need to cut off about one centimeter below the leaves of the fruit. Pluck off the leaves that have dried and remove the remnants of the fruit of the crown.

Then you need to plant the crown in a pot full of earth.

If you live in a warm, tropical climate, then you can plant the pineapple directly into the ground. However if you do not live in such place, then you need to plant the pineapple in a pot inside your home. Do not worry the plant will be ok.

Now you need to place the crown in the soil. However you must note that the leaves must not be covered with the soil, you only need to cover the base of the pineapple crown with the soil.

And that’s it! The only thing left to do is wait for the pineapple to grow!


If you live in colder climates, do not worry, you can still grow pineapples in your home. For doing that all you need is enough light in the interior of your home.

This was pretty easy, wasn’t it?