Awesome Trick To Clear Your Stuffy Nose

Weather conditions are changing and our human body will have to take some time to adopt it. However, before getting used to the weather conditions, the cold will take place in us minimum one time. And the most revolting issue about that is that we have to clean up the blowing nose area all over again which may be damaging even for the nose.

I am going to reveal a technique to thoroughly clean the nose in just 2 minutes:

Remember the painful time.

Again the awful time for your nose has come:

Let us know the trick to clean the stuffy nose.

This is how you can clean the stuffy nose:

Simple breathing exercise:

The simple breathing exercise will help you to clear your stuffy nose and get rid of nasal congestion. For that you have to: Pinch your congested nose. Walk fast. Sit down with your spine totally straight. Release your nose and resume normal breathing, but keep the mouth close.

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Try to take a small breath instead of bigger once and then try to relax your muscles for the exhalation.

Watch the video to see how it has done:



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