Amazing! See and Learn How This family grows 6,000 pounds of Food on Just 1/10th Acre

Have you ever thought to grow your own food?Is it possible?It seems that it is!This family proved that it is possible even though the live in Los Angeles.

Meet the Dervaes family:

They live live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange.What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm. Complete with animals!

I tried to figure out how big 1/10th (0.1) of an acre is in perspective to other things . I used this website,, and put markers around my ‘house.’ I got a estimate that my yard is 0.062, but if you ask me my place looks way smaller.

The Dervaes’ path to complete self-sufficiently started three decades ago when Jules, the brain behind the family operation, wanted to find a healthier way to feed his three children. The revelation moment came he ate a box of taco shells and learned that they were genetically modified.

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Hope you liked it and you will spread the idea of self sufficient home system.Many people in the world believe that this idea can be accomplished!