Warning! Remove Amalgam Fillings, They Can Cause Serious Health Disease

It seems that dentists will never admit that composite of amalgam fillings affect on humans health and can Cause very Serious different disorders. Some of these health diseases, which are result of conventional dentistry are Alzheimer’s disease, emotional instability, depression, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis etc.

The silver filling, which is the cheapest dental material, is pretty dangerous and even life-threatening because it has high percentage of mercury in it.

This filling contains 54% of mercury in it. Some patients carry this kind of filling in their mouths for many years, even for a decade. Anyway, many dentists, as well as the World Health Organization denied claims which point to the dangerous outcome of these fillings.

However, Dr. Hal Huggins was the first one to reveal the unpleasant truth about the dangerous fillings. He explained that mercury can be life-threatening even if there is the slightest amount of it in the human body. This was the main reason he is in conflict with almost all of his colleagues.

In order to explain his theory, Dr. Hal gave an example of a certain experiment that involved egg cells. When egg cells came in contact with the dangerous mercury, they failed in the process of connecting with the uterus, although there was effective fertilization.

Hal claims that mercury which is placed in the oral cavity is emitting gases 24 hours a day. This can be the main cause of occurrence of many different life-threatening diseases.

The main and biggest cause of chronic fatigue occurrence is mercury placed in the oral cavity. This element will keep affecting your health until it is removed.

Dr. Hal has dedicated his entire life in order to provide free assistance for people who have been poisoned with amalgam fillings with mercury in their teeth.

Dr Hal was immediately fired after he published his study in which he told the truth about the dangerous teeth fillings. He also went through a lot of harassment but even so, he never gave up and remained loyal to his mission.

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Hal sent a message across the world in which he advised patients to remove their silver fillings in order to heal themselves.

The amalgam silver fillings were first used in France in 1800. Miraculously, dentists still use them today because these fillings’ production is very cheap. Dentists often use these fillings in people who’s dental treatments are covered by their insurance.