20 Years After Adopting A Little Boy: She Received Astonishing News

Ingeborg Macintosh is one stunning woman. 20 years ago, she adopted a special little boy who stole her heart at first sight. She says she was instantly drawn to him, he just stood out from all children she took care of throughout her life. Jordan was simply different.

She got the instant need to adopt and raise him from the moment she saw him. However, 20 years later, Ingeborg was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease, and a kidney transplant was her only chance to recover. As soon as Jordan heard the shocking news about his mom’s worsened health.

He knew that he couldn’t just sit and wait for a matching donor. He got tested and the results showed that he was a compatible donor. There wasn’t a moment of doubt; he instantly agreed to give his kidney to the women who brought him up.


The surgery went well and they both made full recovery. Jordan made the ultimate sacrifice for the woman who’s raised him and gave him the best of life.

A truly inspiring story that’s worth sharing with friends and family.

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