8 Allegedly Healthy Routines That Are Actually Making You Gain Weight

Obesity is a huge issue nowadays, worldwide. In 2003 –a study was conducted and it was discovered that one billion adults happened to be overweight. Ten years after, the study was repeated and the number grew up to 2 billion, which is truly upsetting. However, this is nothing that cannot be changed. There are many solutions available. Even though people might not care about it, it could leave a huge negative impact on their health.

Today on the internet you can find any kinds of habits of keeping your body in a good shape, which can actually really confuse you. And like we mentioned, some people are not informed right, they follow some kind of old knowledge for weight loss that will cause even more weight gain instead of losing it. So do not start any of those diets, habits or exercises before consulting with a medical person.

In this article you will read about eight weight loss myths that are spread among the people. But they might cause you to gain weight, so read them all carefully if you are planning to make some changes in your diet.

1. Counting calories

It’s a fact that we all know – the more you are consuming food, the harder it gets to lose weight. People think that if they pay attention to counting the calories they consume, it will help them in weight loss. What most of the people do not understand is that granola bar, or energy bar or any kind of snack that is sold with ‘’low-calories’’ are not beneficial at all. Do not fill your calories with that kind of unhealthy junk food. You need to consume healthy food which is natural, not only to count the calories consumed. What is the best about the natural and healthy foods (all types of fruits and vegetables) is that they are low with calories, so you shouldn’t be afraid of consuming more of them.

2. Eating low fat foods

When you go to the market to buy food, never buy the foods labeled with ‘’low fat’’, ‘’fat free’’ or ‘’reduced fat’’. Now you are wondering why? – Because food companies use more sugar, salt, and other additives when they remove the fat from the product. Increased sugar, salt and those other additives are used so the food has better taste, but they are actually much more harmful to us instead of the actual fat. In 10% of those kind of diet foods actually contain the same amount (or maybe more) calories than the regular food and also 40% more sugar! This was discovered in a recent research.

3. Eating a high-protein diet

If you are consuming meat for dinner, you should stop doing that immediately. You should stop, because your metabolism slows down at night, which means that eating the wrong food at night will be stored as fat and it will be really hard to burn it later. Also when you get up in the morning, you will feel much better if you avoid these foods for dinner.

4. Avoiding carbohydrates

One of the most spread habit for losing weight is actually this one. And yes it can help you to lose weight, but it can cause problems with your health if you are practicing this habit for a longer period of time.
What are you actually doing when you avoid carbs? You are actually avoiding essential prebiotics, which are food for your gut flora including resistant starch and soluble fiber. These prebiotics have a big importance for inducing the growth of healthy gut flora. This means that the required amount of gut-healing substances won’t be produced by your flora, if you don’t have those prebiotics. Do you know what can cause unhealthy gut? – Diabetes, obesity, skin problems and many more. Fruits and vegetables contain beneficial carbs.

5. Avoiding snacks

This depends on what kind of snack you want to consume. What many nutritionists advise us is to speed up our metabolism and to lose weight easier by consuming few snacks daily, or five to six small meals.

6. Salad is healthy

If you make yourself a salad, and you add mayonnaise and similar products, then that salad becomes harmful. Your salad should be always fresh and prepared with healthy ingredients such as dark, leafy greens and fruit. Add apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil for dressing, not products that are harmful.

7. Avoiding fat

What many people do not understand is the fact that there’s healthy and unhealthy fat, and they think that they should avoid ANY kind of fat in order to lose weight.

The unhealthy fats that should be avoided are:
– Fried foods
– Margarine
– Vegetable cooking oil
– Baked goods
– Processed snacks
– Trans-fats
– Hydrogenated fats

The healthy fats that actually helps you with weight loss:
– Avocado
– Nuts and seeds
– Fatty fish
– Whole eggs
– Coconut oil (use it for cooking)
– Extra virgin olive oil (not for cooking)
– Saturated fats

8. Working out while hungry

This is another habit that many people have in their lifestyle. But this is wrong, because your body needs some energy in order to work out correctly.
So, instead of skipping your meal before exercising, drink one glass of green juice. The juice will give you the feeling of fullness and you will have the needed energy for the workout.

The process of burning fat can be really long. You should not give up easily. If you can’t lose weight with some of the weight loss myths we have mentioned, stop doing them. Just eat healthy diet which will contain high amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. What can provide you fantastic results is to combine some exercise with healthy meals.

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