This 30 Seconds Shower Puts Your Body in Fat Burning Mode and Relieve Depression

Most people don’t like shower with cold water, but although that is very uncomfortable cold feeling, 30 seconds cold shower is very beneficial for your well being. This kind of shower is called as “Scottish Shower” or the “James Bond Shower”.

In order to achieve the great benefits of this shower, you need to end your regular shower with a 30-second cold shower.

The Benefits of a Cold Shower – Even For 30 Seconds

Encourages Weight Loss

Human’s body has two types of fat: brown and white fat. The consumption of more calories than you need will result in accumulation of white fat which most commonly piles up at your lower back, neck, waist and thighs. When it comes to brown fat, or the good type of fat, it is the one you need to keep your body warm. Joslin Diabetes Center claims that the body activates the good fat when exposed to freezing temperatures, which means that cold shower can stimulate brown fat activity.

According to the results from a 2009 research conducted on 24 individuals who were exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the brown fat activity increased by 15 times in all of them. As a result of this, a person can lose up to nine pounds per year if he or she keeps practicing this habit.

Improves Circulation and Immune System

Cold water has the ability to improve the circulation in our body which is extremely important because then we can be able to fight numerous skin and heart issues.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, due to increased circulation, the arteries are able to pump blood more efficiently which as a result, it improved the overall heart health. Moreover, an increased circulation can help boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and clear blocked arteries.

Relieves Muscle Soreness and Speeds Up Recovery

In order to relieve muscle soreness, you need to take a quick cold shower. There was a study in 2009 where a group of research analyzed 17 studies which included more than 350 individuals. One part of the participants immersed themselves in cold water, while the others rested after the training.

The results of the study showed that taking a shower with an ice-cold water for 24 minutes has the ability to reduce sore muscles 1-4 days after exercises, with a water temperature of 10-15 C or 50-59 F.

Relieves Stress

In order to increase tolerance to stress, people need to take a shower without allowing it to heat up. According to the results of a 1994 study, the levels of uric acid in ten participants who were exposed to a cold stimulus were significantly reduced during and after the cold exposure.

These people were completely ready to adapt to repeated oxidative stress since they swan in ice-cold water during winter on a regular basis and they are healthy.

Moreover, their levels of glutathione were increased. This is very important since this antioxidant ensures an optimal function of all other antioxidants.

Reduces Depression

Our skin has cold receptors which react to cold showers by sending huge amounts of electrical impulses all the way up to the brain. This is extremely important since it can help relieve depression and improve mood.

A 2008 study approved the analgesic effect of cold hydrotherapy, and the best part is that it has no side-effects. So, don’t hesitate and take 1-2 cold showers, 38F and make sure it lasts for 2 or 3 minutes, proceeded by a 5-minute gradual adaptation.

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