12 Life-Saving Ways For A Post Party Clean Up

Although organizing a party at your place can be incredibly fun and an amazing chance to relax after an intense week, the mess that has to be taken care of after that, is hardly pleasant. The last thing on anyone ‘s mind after a party night is having to clean the house and wash a boatload of dishes, don’t you agree? If you are set to host a party in your near future and you wish to cut down on the amount of work and disasters that your guests have caused, then this list of tips is something you need to have within reach. Do these simple things, we promise that, not only will it make the cleanup swift, but they will also allow you to have fun at your party even more!

1. Hide Breakables

If you don’t want anyone touching your stuff and potentially breaking it, store it in a safe place until the festivities are over.

2. Use Tablecloths

Protect all of your tables from spills and watermarks by using tablecloths and coasters.

3. Use Plastic Dishware

Using plastic dishware will cut down on the number of dishes you have to clean. Just make sure you recycle them!

4. Start With An Empty Dishwasher

If you use dishes that can’t be recycled, having the dishwasher empty and ready to fill right after the party ends will speed up the cleaning process.

5. Avoid Messy Foods

Stick to simple finger foods and avoid excessive amounts of sauce.

6. Use Trash Cans And Recycle Bins

Place at least one garbage pail and recycle bin in every room you plan on allowing your guests to socialize in. This should cut down on the amount of garbage you’ll have to pick up at the end of the night.

7. Get Rid Of Red Wine Stains

There are a few ways to tackle this common party stain, but one of the most reliable solutions is a mixture of blue Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Throw that on the stain and watch it disappear!

8. Get Rid Of That Beer Smell

In my opinion, this is one of the nastiest odors that can fill a home. To clear the air, simply blot the area where the spill occurred with some paper towel and then apply a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and warm water with a sponge. Finish it off by wiping everything clean with a rag and cold water.

9. Casually Tidy Throughout The Evening

I’m not suggesting that you throw on your rubber gloves and bust out a bucket of soapy water while your guests are still around, but you can easily keep the mess under control by picking up empty glasses and small pieces of garbage throughout the night.

10. Keep It Outside

If the weather permits, taking your party outside will not only make cleanup a bit easier to handle, but it will also keep large groups of people away from your belongings.

11. Cleaning Up Glass

If glass happens to break at your party, don’t fret! Clean up all of the large pieces (wearing gloves) and then use soft sandwich bread to pick up any tiny bits that get left behind.

12. Start Cleaning Once The Party Is Over

It may not seem ideal at the time, but you will thank yourself the next day when you don’t have as much cleaning to do and your house doesn’t smell like old food and booze.