The Worst Place To Keep Your Phone

These days, mobile phones have come to be an absolute requirement for the modern day man. On the other hand, these gadgets can really hurt the body’s overall health. This post will demonstrate you in what way it causes harm to your health and how you can guard yourself.

In accordance to the writer of “Disconnect – The Truth About Cellphone Radiation” by Dr. Devra Davis, there are critical radiation hazards which emanate from mobile phones.

In the start, Dr. Davis was skeptic about the risk cell phones induce, until eventually she did a comprehensive study. Now she works to present epidemiological and toxicological proof to demonstrate her claims that radiation from cell phones is not only extremely unsafe, but it can be even fatal.

In her lecture, she points out that cell phones do not affect your health with their power but with the inconstant nature of their signal. This signal can disrupt resonance and obstruct the DNA repair.

In fact, this is one of the most reasonable theories for understanding the different health impacts, including cancer.

Can Cell Phone Radiation Lead to Cancer?

One particular example is that of a woman whose life story proves the cancer-causing properties of mobile phones. She had no predisposing risk for cancer but ended up with a multi-focal breast cancer.

This case was disclosed in a newsletter by the Environmental Health Trust. It turned out that this young lady kept her mobile phone into her bra.

John West and Robert Nagourney, cancer specialists, explained there was one possibility that may have contributed to the onset of her cancer. In fact, they connected the dots which perfectly lined up her mobile phone.

Although it can’t be proved that it was her cell phone that caused her cancer, this is an important warning for all women who place their phones in their bras or even in their pockets.

Bear in mind that keeping your mobile phone close to your body can cause serious harm to your overall health. So, where you should keep your cell phone? The answer is quite simple; you shouldn’t have it at least 6 inches away from your body.

Why Is Dangerous to Have Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body?

Although some areas of your body are continuously exposed to radiation from your mobile phone, some specific parts are even more vulnerable.

According to research from 2009, attaching a cell phone on the hip can lead to weakened pelvis. The researchers measured the pelvic bone density in nearly 150 men by using an X-ray technique. These people regularly had their phones to their belts, 15 hours a day for about six years.

The results have shown that there was a lower mineral density on the side of the pelvis where the cell phones were attached. This indicates that the bone density is significantly affected by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.

One important fact to mention is that cell phones emit radiation even when people do not make a call. So, by wearing a cell phone in a certain area for 15 hours, that particular area is exposed to continuous radiation.

An extensive use of cell phones can significantly affect the fertility and health of males.

When cell phones are attached to the belts, the radiation does not only affect the reproductive organs, but other sensitive organs in that particular are such as kidneys, liver, bladder and colon. All of these organs are highly susceptible to radiation.

Current Studies Link Cell Phone With Cancer

According to research conducted last year by an Israeli research group, the rate of the parotid gland tumors significantly increased in the last 30 years. The highest increase took part in 2001.

The parotid gland is an important salivary gland which is located close to the cheek, the area where most of the people hold their phones. The research has shown a four-fold increase in the parotid gland cancer in the period from 1970-2006. However, the other salivary gland cancers remained stable.

The principal researcher of a 2008 study, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki did research at the U.S Senate Hearing which showed that cell phones significantly contribute to salivary gland tumors.

The research pointed out that there is an increased risk of a parotid tumor for:

  • 34% higher risk for regular cell phone users who have used a cell phone for five years.
  • 58% of those cell phone users who had at least 5,500 calls.
  • 49% of those who had more than 266.3 hours spoken on their cell phones.

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