This Is How The Man Who Refused Chemotherapy Experienced 102 Years !

The story you are about to read is unthinkable. A story of hope, risk and thrills. We despair about cancer and how fatal and incurable it is. Which is exactly what someone proved wrong. They claim chemothrapy will hellp even though it doesn’t make sense. This story is a proof for that.

They are sending sick people to chemotherapy where they become even sicker and weak, and then that person dies anyway. When doctors told Stamatis Moraitis, Greece War veterans in 1976 that he was diagnosed with incurable cancer of the lungs, he resigned to die.

Nine different doctors told him that he had left six months of life with that and that he should immediately embark on an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. How he did not want to use this dangerous treatment, he returned to Icaria, an island in Greece.

Then, something amazing happened. In the beginning, slashed by the depression, he spent his days in bed. His wife and mother took care of him.

One day, regained his faith, albeit briefly because he thought that he was still a little time left. He went to live active life. On Sunday morning, he climbed the hill where there is a Greek Orthodox church where her grandfather was a priest. His friends began to visit him when they learned that he returned to his native place and every day to talk to them for hours with two bottles of wine produced locally. “At least I’ll die happy,” he thought.

Over the next months, for some reason, I started feeling better. One day, he decided to plant his garden. It is not expected to experience the fruits of that garden, but it was a good reason to enjoy the sun and fresh air, the sea.

It’s been six months, or Moraitis did not die. Instead of death, picked up her vegetables, cleaned up the family vineyard, is to start operating with the island, began to work in the vineyard, waking up early and carried out all day on the air. When it came, the evening went to the local cafe where he played dominoes until long past midnight.

Years passed. He was all healthier, so it felt. Upgraded his house a few rooms, and = produced and up to 1500 liters of sake, wine a year.

After 30 years of such a life has experienced 97 years ago, when he realized he had not died and decided to visit doctors with their findings in order to check what happened. When he returned to the doctor who told him that he has only six months, it is interesting that all of them were dead. He outlived them all.

Moraitis died when he was a 102 years old, happy and healthy. He died of old age, cancer that is mentioned, no longer existed.

What happened?

People need to know that a sick man does not need as much medicine as every faith, will and return to nature. For the health need of regeneration of body and spirit. The city in which he returned Icaria, the Greek island that is emigration to healthy food. The inhabitants of the island live almost without knowing for heart disease or cancer.

Virgin olive oil, arugula, Swiss chard, carbohydrates, lentils, whole grain bread, then spices like oregano, parsley, and other excellent foods are used daily in the Icaria. Also, there is not eating red meat more than once a week.

A special feature of life in Icaria that cures all diseases. Everything they eat and drink they produce in their garden. A lot of walks and even 20 km per day, and in the afternoon the whole village rests. Lots of laughs and socialization with family and friends. They live without any stress and therefore are happy.

The Recipe for Healing Based on Life in Icaria

Mediterranean diet. A lot of, preferably raw home-grown vegetables. Throw out meat entirely or limited to one meal per week. Olive oil, seeds, cereals. Homemade bread with whole grains. Local fruits and vegetables. Do not forget the fish.

A lot of tea. The tea has diuretic properties and has the ability to flush out all the toxins from the body if the local course.

Break. Rest if you are tired. Do not force your body to live with little sleep. People that afternoon resting at least 5 times a week for half an hour have 35% less chance of cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the stress hormone itself.

Be active in nature. Walk, soak up the sun and more or green, forest, grass. Work, city, plant. Make yourself useful.

Do not rush to the life and release the fears and stress. Hang out with friends and family, and have lots of laughs.

This Man Refused to Do Chemotherapy and Using a Simple Recipes He Experienced 102 Years!

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