You Think Earphones Are Cool? Wait Till You Read These Terrifying Facts

Technology has grown on us, has become such a necessity that we can no longer imagine our lives without. However helpful they may be, the presence of technological devices has started to negatively affect our health. One of the many gadgets that cause health disorders are actually headphones and earphones.

No doubt, this innovation of technology has produced the finest music closer to us, making listening music easy handy. But lately as people have started using this particular gadget almost 24 X 7 such as during exercise, while travelling and sometimes simply while they sit sipping a cup of coffee.

It sounds weird right? Read on further to understand how your health is deteriorating with the excess use of earphones.

Loss Of Hearing

While using the earphones the audio directly enters your ears. If the loudness exceeds 90 decibels it can lead to difficulty in audibility and even loss of hearing. So if you hear music via earphones or headphones make sure you listen within the viable volume range.

Ear Infections

When we have earphones, we usually do seem to be sharing them with our friends and family members. This sharing can also lead to ear infections. Bacteria tend to travel from ears to ears easily through the earphones. So either you avoid sharing them or it is advisable to get them sanitized after every share.

Negative Impact Over The Brain

There are several electromagnetic waves that get generated by the earphones or headphones within the brain. This can put seriously negative implications over the brain cells.

Adding to this, as inner ear segment is connected with the brain; if ever there is a slightest of infection within this section of the ear, it can really lead to acute health hazards.

Zero Air Passage

Nowadays the earphone and headphone brands leave no stone unturned to offer you the best and finest quality of music. In order to achieve this quality, these gadgets are made in a way that not a slightest percentage of air gets way to enter the ears. This again makes the ear canals prone to ear infections.

Although technology has eased our lives, made things easier and handy for us, it is in our own hands to know how much is too much. As they say “Anything in excess is bad!”

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