The Surprising Effects Of Placing A Clothespin On Your Ear For 5 Seconds

At times we feel pain and to soothe it we just need a little “kick” to our organs . Just like what we do to our gadgets when they fail us. It surprising how beneficial the results are. This is a very peculiar and alternative option to improve our health.

The method is by using clothespins and placing them on various spots on your ears. Why specifically your ears? According to reflexologist Helen Chin Lui, “Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system.”

There are 6 different spots on your ears that target specific regions/organs in your body. Place a clothespin on the area of your choice, and unlock the health benefits.

1. The Upper Part Of The Ear

The uppermost part of your ear has a direct connection to your back and shoulders. By applying pressure to this spot for a minute each day, you will help reduce built-up tension in those areas.

2. The Top Of Your Ear’s Curve

This spot on your ear is connected to your organs. Therefore, if you’re feeling internal tenderness or discomfort, place a clothespin on this spot for relief. (Always make sure to see a doctor to figure out the root cause of the discomfort.)

3. The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

This part of your ear is connected to your joints. Apply pressure on this spot to relieve your joints of stiffness or pain as a result of a long day at the keyboard.

4. The Lower-Middle Part of the Ear

Pinching the lower-middle part of your ear will bring you relief in your sinuses and throat. This can come in very handy when you want to get a good night’s sleep, but have a stuffy nose, or are feeling congested.

5. Just Above the Earlobe

The spot just above your earlobe is associated with digestion. By applying a clothespin here, you can help reduce digestive and stomach pain. You can use this as a means of preventing such discomfort.

6. Your Earlobe

This spot is connected with your head and heart. Apply pressure here to promote your heart’s health and also relieve migraines and pressure headaches.

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