The Factors Behind Fibromyalgia

Recently, experts have conducted analysis analyzing the underlying cause of pain in fibromyalgia affected individuals. It has been confirmed that the pain does not come from the brain. In addition, it is in fact a huge breakthrough that put an end to fibromyalgia puzzle.
In fact, fibromyalgia is a issue that impacts a huge number of individuals all over the globe. It is generally taken care of with painkillers. Additionally, healthcare experts consider it a psychological condition, but now experts have found that the fibromyalgia pain is triggered by the blood vessels in the hands.

It may result in finding new treatments for this condition, which means it may offer promising results for over 5 million Americans.

The Results:

To explain you more deeply, the scientists tested the skin of the hand of patients with a lack of sensory nerve fibers that led to reduced pain response. In addition, they found a great number of nerve fibers, known as arterioles-venule referrals, in the skin sample. So, they concluded that these fibers are responsible for blood flow regulation. The scientists also concluded that there is a strong correlation between fibromyalgia pain and these nerves.

Believe it or not, this new finding could give an answer to all questions why fibromyalgia patients experience pain in their hands as well as why cold seems to worsen their symptoms.

A neuroscientist, Dr. Frank L. Rice, explains that these nerve endings are included in blood flow regulation. What’s more, he also notes that the root cause of fatigue, muscle aches and discomfort could be this poorly regulated blood flow as a result of the lactic acid accumulation and low inflammation in fibromyalgia patients. According to Dr. Rice, it may result in hyperactivity in the brain.

What Does the Standard Fibromyalgia Treatment Include?

The standard fibromyalgia treatment includes taking anticonvulsants, analgesic, and antidepressants. But, they haven’t brought a great relief to each patient. Doctors also recommend getting sufficient rest and sleep as well as practicing certain useful exercises on a regular basis.

But, patients should now look forward to a new possible fibromyalgia cure. Keep in mind that the study offers promising results for these patients.



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