A Teenager Boy Develops One Breast on His Chest and These Foods Might Be the Reason

Because our lives are obtaining busier than ever, we often look for shortcuts inside everything we do; it does not only saves time nevertheless helps in prioritizing additional tasks as well.

Since we normally take about three meals a day, we frequently sacrifice on food in addition to eatables when it will come to cutting short enough time.

And as an alternative to having a new complete balanced diet, we all shift our focus to be able to take out which can chill our hunger along together with providing some longer lasting preference to our tongue. Although not everything that feels fantastic does great.

It’s a global fact that eating more fast food may harm your health and body, and there’s no definite limit to measure this damage, as there are many bizarre and weird cases of health issues are reported every day.

According to latest reports, a teenager in the eastern part of China has reportedly grown one breast, and what followed next is a lesson for mostly all of us.

Have a look!

A teenager boy in China develops single breast on his chest.

The boy first noticed this growth at the age of 13 when he believed that his right breast is growing bigger than the left. However, he thought it to be a misconception, and didn’t give it the much-needed attention.

By the time he turned 19…

The size of his right breast was not any lesser than the size of A-Cup bra. His this situation has now leaked into the media.

Imagine, standing in front of a mirror and finding you have an added responsibility.

OMG! That’s bizarre and weird. I want to know more, as it could happen to anyone.

And according to local reports…

Chinese media shares, “the 19-year-old boy Xiao Yang, is always e mbarrassed on his face, whenever he bends over every day. He is also unhappy for wearing a coat in this big summer, hiding in the room as he does not want to go out, the reason is his right breast which has grown like a small girl, as Xiao Yang’s right chest has A cup size.”

That’s really gross to even imagine!

What if men had face boobs? Seriously, anything could happen in this world, can’t say. I need to read more about this.

How it all happened.

As we read earlier, the teenager saw this growth almost six years ago. When he was assured that this is not a misconception, but reality; he shared everything with his family. His parents searched along in a lot of hospitals but were unable to find a cure.

Then they reached to Wenzhou Central hospital.

Early in July this year, they met physician Dr. Pan Zhongliang who agreed to help and give their son a normal chest.

It all started with a scan.

Dr. Pan gave Xiao Yang a B-scan ultrasonography, which showed growth in his right breast’s mammary gland and it was about the size of an A-cup bra,” reports Daily Mail. However, his left breast was normal and didn’t show any sign of growth in future.

Doctors performed a mastectomy on him.

Xiao Yang underwent a mastectomy surgery and was discharged from the hospital five days later. Doctors said that this situation in men is caused mostly because of hormonal imbalance, and there are hardly any chances of it growing back after the surgery.

Everyone should know that this isn’t a rare case, and it is happening in all parts of the world.

The situation which this teenager in China faced can happen to anyone. In scientific term, it is called as ‘Gynecomastia.’ A condition in which man grows chest like a woman. It is also famously known as ‘man boob.’

There are more than 100 cases each year in China.

And Dr. Pan shares that this condition is most likely happens because of eating way too much of fast food and puff-food, as they have ‘gender-bending’ chemicals in them.

The doctor also suggested that men should avoid eating fried chicken, soy milk, and royal jelly.


The similar report of the 26-year-old man was swirling on the internet in 2015 as well, where Mr. Li, a Chinese graduate had the same symptoms.