Suffering From Inflamed Gallbladder or Gallstones? Try Out These Natural Removal Recipes

Today, we decided to go for this natural recipe we discovered that can help you dissolve the gallstone. This groundbreaking recipe was promoted by a herbalist under the name of Maria Treben. It is actually fascinating that women suffer more from gallstones than men. In this article we will show you several natural remedies, which can get rid of the pain quickly, but also help you heal.

The most common symptoms are:

-bitter content while belching and vomiting,

-violent painful spasms,

-which if occur under the right rib are ableto spread to the heart and cause severe nausea.

Because we have many available remedies from our God’s pharmacy, surgery is not always necessary.

Everything that you need for a successful removal of gallstones is radish. The treatment with radish juice, which lasts 6 weeks, helped in almost all cases except when it comes to insoluble gallstone, which rarely appears.

  1. Strain the radish in a juicer that you use in your household. The treatment begins with 100 grams in the morning on an empty stomach, and gradually within three weeks, the amount increases to 400 grams, and then after 3 weeks you need to return to the amount of 100 grams again. The radish juice should not be consumed if the patient suffers from inflammation of the stomach or intestines.
  2. Tea for bile

Mix 20g of leaves and flowers from yarrow, common rue, common wormwood, Immortelle, anise and mint. Put one tablespoon of this mixture in 2 dl of boiling water, cover and leave it to stand for 2-3 hours, drain and drink 3 times a day after meals.

  1. Tincture for bile

There is a good blend of 20 gram of herbs such as ivy, hops, common agrimony, mint and wormwood that can cure your gallstones. Put 3 tablespoons of these herbs in one liter of cold apple wine, heat to a boil, then remove it from fire and let it stand for 3 minutes.

During the day, you need to consume one large spoon every hour, about 8 to 9 times in total. Because the liquid should be drunk hot, keep it in a thermos.

Quick natural remedies against inflammation of the gallbladder

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the best choice for those who have inflammation, but many people are primarily looking for something that will remove the pain as soon as possible when they get an “attack”.

The gallbladder is very important for the proper functioning of the organism. It contains bile and digestive juice that is produced by the liver, which breaks down fatty foods.

If you disturb the balance of this process (which, unfortunately, often occurs during holidays) you will experience complications, inflammation or pain. The most common problem is gallstones, which is in fact crystallized excess cholesterol.

If you have problems with the gallbladder, you may experience abdominal pain in the right shoulder, nausea and loss of appetite.

You are dealing with an inflammation that occurs typically when the gallstone is formed, which blocks the bile duct. The pain and symptoms will usually pass by themselves, but in some cases, surgery is necessary.

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The simplest effective remedy

  1. One of the most effective remedies that helped many patients, who have had problems with inflammation of the gallbladder, is usually vinegar and apple juice.

There are many combinations and recommendations. Some drink pure vinegar (about ¼ cup), and others mix it with apple juice. 3 tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in 1 glass of apple juice are usually recommended.

In some cases, after 10 minutes the pain could be increased a little bit, but within 20 minutes, all of the pain will disappear.


  1. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices can also help. After the regular meal, drink 1 glass of pure squeezed beetroot juice. This beverage relaxes the bile ducts and supports the ejection of deposits, and even gallstones.
  2. If you do not like the taste of beetroot, try the beetroot yeast — 120 ml of juice from 3 large carrots, 2 apples and insides of celery stalks. Mix everything together and drink it after 10 minutes.
  3. The unusual garlic remedy may also be helpful. You need to clean the garlic cloves and dip them in domestic honey. Eat one garlic clove every day.