She Had A Strange Lump On Her Back For Ages, But When The Doctor Cut Through It…OMG!!

Some people continue to suffer from lumps for multiple years, not knowing what processes were going on inside them and what they were full of. That is, right until surgeons cut them apart. Dr. Sandra Lee, alias Dr. Pimple Pooper, is a popular dermatologist who has seen many lumps and pimples in her career, so much she is used to seeing the disgusting things that come out of them.

This, however, did manage to leave her in shock. An older woman had visited her office one afternoon and showed her the biggest back pimple she had ever seen.

At first, Dr. Lee thought that the thing on the woman’s back was a blackhead. But it turned out to be epidermoid cyst. The epidermoid cyst is also known as keratin cyst and it grows out of the ectodermal tissue.

The cyst has round shape and it looked like blackhead. It was benign, flat cyst Dr. Lee recorded the cyst and the process of its removing. The video gained great popularity on YouTube and it was viewed more than 1.6 million times.

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