Spider Coming Out Of Ear

The following is the distressing moment a live spider coming out of this woman’s ear. It had been recorded by shocked physicians in India right after the affected person – known only as Lekshmi L. – complained of headaches and a tingling feeling inside of her head.

The woman had been sleeping on her terrace but woke up with a unpleasant obstruction in her right ear.

Medics looking at her made the stunning finding and tried out to coax the critter out.

It can be seen following the light and slowly emerging from her inner ear.

Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy at Columbia Hospital said: “It is common to see emergency room visits due to the presence a foreign object in the ear and it takes a simple procedure to remove the object.

“However, when a living insect makes its way inside a human ear, the patient’s anxiety makes it difficult to continue the procedure.”

“It was a rare to see a live spider moving inside someone’s ear canal.”

Lekshmi said: “I was terrified as I could feel the movement of a creature in my ear.

“The acute earache followed by sharp pains suffocated me,” she added. “I couldn’t think of anything and was petrified when the doctor confirmed the presence of a spider in my ear.”

Watch the video below: