Simple Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning house sometimes might be a frustrating and exhausting and really long process. But some researches show that it is also a type which decreases depression symptoms, and give you a sense of control.

A week after they did the household cleaning, their place is once again dirty. These 42 simple tricks we present in this post will significantly shorten your time of cleaning, at the same time helping your place stay clean for longer.

Your household cleaning will no longer be a frustrating chore for you, but a free therapy.

42 Simple Cleaning Tips

1. Before you start to clean your bathroom, fill the bathtub with several inches of boiling water. The hot water will heat up the whole bathroom, improving the effectiveness of alkaline cleaners.

2. Instead of keeping your mops and brooms on the floor, hang them up in storage to prevent mildew and dust buildup.

3. Use boiling water and baking soda to clean your oven hood filter. This should save you time.

4. Use a seam ripper to remove all the hair from the vacuum bristles.

5. You might have never thought about this before, but you can actually clean your vacuum filter in the dishwasher. This will significantly improve the vacuum’s effectiveness.

6. If you microwave your cleaning sponge, it will destroy up to 99 percent of germs.

7. To get rid of the crumbs between the keys on your keyboard, clean it with magic eraser.

8. Use canned air to blow debris and dust out of exhaust fans.

9. This might sound weird, but pouring a packet of Kool-Aid in your dishwasher as a detergent is a great way to remove lime deposits and iron stains.

10. Use WD-40 to remove scuffs and scrapes from your tile floor.

11. Use a vanilla extract in your oven to freshen up the smell in your house. In this way, the sweet scent of vanilla will fill the air in your room when cooking.

12. Use a paintbrush when dusting your lightbulbs to prevent breaking them.

13. To effectively clean your mattress, sprinkle a stain remover mixed with some baking soda.

14. Reuse the old fabric softener sheets to clean your baseboards.

15. Here’s a great trick to clean stains from carpet. Mix white vinegar and water at a 1:2 ratio. Pour the solution on the stain and use the steam setting of an iron for half a minute. Keep doing this until the stain is completely removed.

16. Clean the front sides of your cabinet with a paste made of vegetable oil and baking soda.

17. Clean your lampshades with a lint roller.

18. Mix some baking soda and coconut oil, and use the mixture to clean the sticky residue on door handles.

19. To give your toilet a thorough cleaning, unscrew the lid and use a cleaning wipe placed on the end of a screwdriver to clean every nook and cranny.

20. The best way to clean your windows is using newspaper and a regular window spray. The ink and the paper will act as a light abrasive, giving you extra clean windows.

21. Stop your shower drains from clogging with a help of a hair catcher.

22. To clean oven door in between the glass, use a strengthened wire hanger, and a cleaning wipe. Attach the cleaning wipe to the hook at the end of the strengthened hanger, and use rubber band to secure it

23. A perfect way to clean metallic appliances like toasters or kettles is using a tartar sauce mixed with a few drops of water.

24. Use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of a toaster. Before you begin, unplug the toaster!

25. Mix hot water, white vinegar, and bleach to make a solution for cleaning the inside part of your washing machine. Pour it into it, and put the machine on the longest spin cycle.

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26. You might clean your washing machine, but not every part of it. Use water, bleach, and a towel to keep the inside of the rubber door gasket mold free.

27. Clean your window blinds with white vinegar and spray water.

28. You’ll always have clean walls in the shower if you keep a dish wand there, and use it to wipe down the walls before exiting the shower. This will save you time and effort in future.

29. Wash your pillows in a mashing machine using bleach and laundry detergent, to clean any sweat stain.

30. To prevent germs from multiplying on your toilet brush, pour some antibacterial soap onto it. In this way, you won’t just push around the germs, but you’ll really clean your toilet.

31. Remove fingerprints and water spots from chrome finished appliances with the help of waxed paper.

32. Use a binder clip to keep your sponge upright. In this way, it won’t sit in the water that leaks from it.

33. Use salt and some water to get burnt gunk off of cast iron skillet, without damaging the pan.

34. Clean drain holes thoroughly using an old toothbrush. After cleaning it you can deodorize the sink by rubbing it all over with lemon wedges.

35. In order to clean your dryer vents, you need to clean your dryer’s lint trap. You’ll do this by removing any lint, and vacuuming any debris. If you don’t clean your dryer vents regularly, they can cause house fires.

36. If there’s something sticky on your iron, clean it by turning it to high, and rubbing it over a generous layer of salt.

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37. Dip some cotton swabs in white vinegar, and use them to clean your window tracks.

38. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball to remove any dust and debris from candles’ surfaces.

39. To make your showerhead look brand new, secure a bag filled with white vinegar and hot water around it, and secure it with a rubber band. Let it stay for few hours, and then rinse with clean water.

40. Use old pillowcase to clean the dust from your fan blades.

41. Use Bar Keeper’s Friend to quickly clean porcelain sinks and bathtubs.

42. You can use half of a bagel to clean your oil paintings safely.

These 42 tricks will help you turn the annoying chore into a therapy, and the nastiest place into a palace! Strap on the cleaning gloves and start cleaning your home.