What The Shape Of Your Fingers Says About Your Personality

Who you truly are and how you tick: somebody can find it out just by looking at your hands.Straight, pointy, or large-knuckled? When you’ve determined the form, you’ll be in a position to tell what characteristics are specifically obvious in your character.

Straight Fingers

The shape of your fingers isn’t bent or contoured? Then you’re an independent person who doesn’t share your true feelings with the outside world. You show strength and good cheer but inside you’re very emotional. You’re often haunted by sadness, but few of the people around you know about it. All the same, you’re a very honest, friendly, and cooperative person.

Pointed Fingers

If your fingers have a slight bulge in the middle and run up to a point at the tip, then you’re a very loyal person. When you fall in love, you give the one you care for your full attention and would never betray their trust. When you get involved in something and have a goal, you don’t give up until you’ve reached it. You’re also very creative. However, you tend to be afraid of being hurt.

Curvy Fingers

Do your knuckles stand out? When you get annoyed, it doesn’t last long and you quickly regain your equilibrium. Risk and the unknown tend to scare you rather than make you curious. You have a lot of respect for the opinions of those around you and take them to heart. You’re an emphatic person who prefers to think twice about how you speak to your friends and colleagues. It’s ultimately important for you not to hurt anyone.

Take a look at your own fingers to see if it works, and of course, check out the fingers of people you know. With a glance, you’ll learn a lot about them!