Safe Using Bathroom Solutions

As all of us have witnessed at some point in our life that public restrooms rarely offer a clean and safe experience! This, along with the public pressure makes it incredibly hard for some people to “go”. After reading these tips you’ll be more than comfortable to use a public bathroom. If you happen to feel the sudden, inevitable urge to use the restroom and you are somewhere out and about nowhere near your home or workplace, don’t think twice about walking confidently into the closest hotel lobby.

If you pretend like you are indeed a guest of that hotel, you’ll have no trouble using their chic and spotless lobby restrooms.

Keep It Closed

If the stall door just won’t seem to stay shut, try hanging your purse on the inner corner of the door. The weight should be enough to keep it closed!

Discovering The Codes

Foursquare and Yelp are great resources for finding out bathroom codes for coffee shops and restaurants! You’ll be able to discover the cleanest public restroom in town and which ones to avoid.

Don’t Fret Just Yet

When the toilet paper holder goes missing, don’t just leave the roll of toilet paper on the floor. For a quick fix, replace it with a clickable pen until you can buy a new fixture.

It’s Not Time Yet

Automatic flushing toilets are a great idea until it keeps flushing while you are still sitting on it. Try placing a piece of toilet paper over the sensor to prevent any unwelcome flushes.

Getting Out Of The Splash Zone

To minimize splashing from the toilet bowl water, put toilet paper into the bowl beforehand.

Getting The Water Going

When the automatic sink water just won’t seem to stay on long enough, try out this idea. Grab some toilet paper and wet it enough to stick over the sensor. The water will run as long as the toilet paper is there, just remove and discard it when you’re done.

Locked Up

A set of keys is a great solution for a broken bathroom door lock. Insert the key into the slot and remove them when you are finished.

Watch the video below to see the proper way to put on a toilet seat cover for the best protection.