Russian Doctor Claims You Can Recover Your Immune System in Only 15 Seconds Just By Doing This!

Sergei Bubnovskiym is famous Moscow professor who recently revealed his innovative and incredibly fast method of boosting the immune system.

As soon as you return home after work or any other activity you might have, soak your feet in an ice-cold bath for 10-15 seconds. This effectively strengthens your immune system and helps fight off common colds and flu!

Furthermore, another research conducted in England showed that individuals who showered daily with cold water were more resistant to disease and produced more white blood cells than those who showered with hot water.

A team of researchers at the Britain’s Thrombosis Research Institute established that as the after showering with cold water prompts the body to warm itself thus accelerating the metabolic rate and activating the immune system.

Further proof is a German study explains that the occasional winter swim in cold water leads to oxidative stress.

However, if it were to become a regular routine, it starts to cause an adaptive antioxidant response and the body is able to fight oxidative stress even better than before.

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Do the following in order to boost your immune system:

Pour some cold water in a basin or bathtub. Next, add as many ice cubes as you can get and keep your feet in it for 10-15 seconds.

Repeat this technique every night at bedtime, and before you know it your immune system will be invincible. People with weak immunity who are susceptible to a lot of illnesses should soak their feet in the icy water on every 4 hours.