Do You Recognize This Herb? Fights Dementia and Increases Memory by 75%

Rosemary is a very popular herb, used to garnish dishes and various meals, due to its unique and very pleasant smell. Scientists confirmed that rosemary can be much more useful in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

Shakespeare in Hamlet wrote, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray, love, remember.” He might have been aware of these properties of this beneficial plant.

The researches have shown that rosemary has miraculously strong effects in the case of memory loss and the onset of mental slowing associated with the diseases.

In one study Mark Moss and his scientific team examined the effects of the scent emitted from the rosemary essential oils on the brain, and made some astonishing discoveries!

Link between the scent of this natural herb and the improved cognitive function is very strong, or to be more specific, to memory retention! The test subjects which took part in the study improved their scores on various recall and visualization tasks with the help of a whiff of rosemary!

Furthermore, another study showed that rosemary provided positive effects in the treatments of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The findings were impressive:

“All patients showed significant improvement in…. cognitive function on both [tests] after therapy. In particular, patients with Alzheimer’s showed significant improvement in total scores.”

The studies give hope that rosemary can be a potent natural remedy for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Therefore, to boost the performance of your brain, just take a deep breath of rosemary!

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