Pressed Garlic- A Sight For Sore Eyes

The eyes are a window to the soul and to the world. Sadly, their priceless vitality is neglected, and today we use them to glare in the lap top or any other device in our homes. This type of ‘activities’ waste our eyes and aggravate the age-related problems.

Scientists from the Tufts University in Boston carried out a research in which more than 4,000 people participated. Based on their results, those who mostly ate food such as white rice, pasta and bread, face a bigger risk of getting diabetes and macular degeneration. Therefore, 20% of the patients had the power to prevented their condition by eating less processed goods.


Garlic affects the function of your platelets. Drugs with this role are known as blood thinners. The difference is that garlic does not thin blood. Moreover, it acts as an anticoagulant. Anticoagulants are agents that prevent blood clotting, and this could cause excessive and spontaneous bleeding.

Regular eye check is the best prevention of vision issues. Early detection is always the best prevention. In that way you will prevent any significant loss of vision.

Cholesterol reduction

Garlic does miracles for your cardiovascular health. Considering that it is a strong antioxidant, garlic can decrease triglycerides and total cholesterol. In numbers that would be 5-15%. Its antioxidant power prevents plaque buildups, which are held as responsible for clogged arteries.

Blood pressure reduction

Garlic also works well on your blood pressure. Allicin in garlic affects the function of angiotensin II. It is a tiny protein that contracts blood vessels.

To sum up, garlic is an all-purpose remedy, and it can help you prevent macular degeneration. Given that it is a natural remedy, garlic does not cause any side effect that occurs as a result of synthetic drugs.

Eat more garlic to keep your eyes healthy for longer. Add it to your soups, stews and salads. Remember, eating your food raw brings you maximum benefits.

See the world with brand new eyes!