Plant Your Own Organic Tomatoes

Who does not enjoy eating tomatoes? In addition to being tasty, the fruit is made up of a lot of vitamin C and lycopene that can strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms and protect against various illnesses and conditions.

Lycopene is a exceptional antioxidant that provides the tomato its colour, and is also found in carrots, guava, papaya and watermelon. This effective antioxidant battles free radicals in the body system, and many scientific studies have proved that it considerably decreases the danger of cancer and cardiovascular illnesses. Lycopene can also postpone the aging process and reduce the effects of the UV rays.

This amazing nutrient has been the subject of many studies which have confirmed that tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50%. Some studies even show that lycopene can fight skin, lung and esophageal cancer, although more research is required. 100 gr. of ripe tomatoes contain 3.3-7.1 mg. of lycopene, while tomato juice contains up to 150 mg. of lycopene per liter.

According to experts, we only need 30 mg. of this antioxidant to properly benefit from it, and tomatoes are the perfect way of getting it. However, instead of buying tomatoes every day, we suggest growing them on your own in your home – it’s a fun and simple process that will give you an endless supply of the fruit.

Today we’re going to show you how to grow your own tomatoes in 2 l. plastic water bottles. In other words, the lack of space isn’t an excuse.



  • One 2 l. plastic bottle
  • 1 small tomato plant
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Coffee filter
  • An 8-cm. long skewer or toothpick (wooden)
  • Wire or string for the bottle
  • Screwdriver
  • Insulating tape
  • Scissors or a knife


1.Wash the bottle well.

2.Cut the bottom of the bottle.

3.Now, fit the cut part on the inside of the top.

4.Pierce two holes on the sides that should be big enough for a toothpick to pass through. Make sure they’re aligned on both ends.

5.Make 10 more holes on the bottom with the screwdriver – this is the water dispenser.

6.Take one smaller tomato plant.

7.Take the coffee filter.

8.Drill a hole in the center of the filter.

9.Pass it through the center of the plant.

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10.Now, wrap the filter around the base of the plant and cover the soil

11.Put the plant and filter carefully through the neck of the bottle (see picture for details). Use the wooden stick to raise the plant through the hole if you’re having problems.

12.Turn the bottle upside down and fill it with soil carefully – make sure to leave enough room for the water dispenser.

13.Pass the stick through the side holes you pierced in the beginning.

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14.Use a wire to hang the plant.

15.Put some water in the dispenser.

16.Now hang your homemade tomato pot and wait for it to grow!

17.To protect the delicate roots of the plant, cover the bottle with insulating tape or a dark fabric.