Parasite Out Of Man’s Nose

It often seems like we have seen just abut everything there is to see in these modern times. Companies like YouTube, and countless other internet video or streaming sites, offer people around the globe a never ending supply of nearly instantaneous video footage. For every crazy and insane clip out in cyberspace, there exists just as many gross, shocking, and unimaginable ones.

Whether it’s a video of a spider living in a man’s ear or a live maggot being removed from a woman’s lip, we can’t help but check it out.

It is human nature to watch these unfathomable things and it’s almost like we have to see it with our own eyes to believe it.

The video shows a man sitting in a chair at the doctor’s office. He apparently went there to seek relief for what he thought was a nasal infection or mucus buildup issue with his nose. The doctor examines his nasal cavity, then using a bright light and narrow forceps he reaches them up into the guys nose.

A few adjustments and moments later out comes what was causing the guy so much pain and misery; a massive Botfly.

The stomach churning adult creatures regularly use people and other animals as the host for their parasitic larvae. These larvae burrow under the skin, often undetected, and remain there as they feed on flesh and grow larger.

Thus, they are parasites and can cause a number of problems in humans besides discomfort and pain. Some people can become infected or go into anaphylactic shock from them.

Plus, when they are removed there needs to be a big enough opening made to get them out, so further incisions are almost always necessary.