Overweight Woman Lost Half Of Her Weight

Dropping away from the journey to physical health and fitness is in no way an effortless recovery. To come back to his healthy and balanced training, a individual must give up the standard way of life and monotonous routines he has been pursuing.

Take the mom known as Karen Sharpe, as an example of this. This 37-year old’s resolution was very easy and encouraging. She basically got rid of her normal nighttime takeaways, followed a well balanced diet plan, and spent a lot more time in doing exercises.

Karen’s fitness struggles

Her weight has been on the rise since her early years. Food was her company and eating was her exercise. She has been subject to bullying and body-shaming.

Fandoms, petty hobbies, and motherhood

Karen was an avid fan of evening pot noodles along with snacks such as chips, and chicken. She computed that she would shell out almost £20 for takeaways every day. And then, she was also a full-time mother of 4.

“I’d like to move, I’d like to groove but I cannot” Drama

There came a time when she observed her lack of strenuous physical activity. Six years ago, her body was in a state of immobility. She wanted to walk but was unable to.

Desperation out of these struggles

The experience has been tiresome and degrading on her part. After realization crashed on her, she consulted a doctor for a valid medical advice. Getting herself enrolled in a gastric band program was proposed to her.

Couldn’t wait for too long

After knowing that she still have to wait for years for her operation, she decided to get up and join an alternative fitness program while waiting.

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Fulfilling changes

Karen scrapped the idea of the surgery and settled on the healthier options. She made a change in diet and paired it up with a vigorous exercise routine. She enrolled herself into another exercise class right away. Her weight gradually lowered.

Sexy mama.

Look at her now, her efforts paid off. Currently, Karen has her weekly physical fitness routines. Now, she is one of the fitness mentor at Weight Watch. Her life is more prosperous than before!