Some Refer To It As The Obesity Killer – 1 Spoon A Day For 15 Kg. A Month

Health experts claim that an optimized metabolism is crucial for efficiently losing weight. The good thing is that nowadays there are a lot of natural and ready-made foods are just around the corner, in every shop, that you can consume in order to accelerate your metabolism.

Weight loss is accompanied by a feeling of hunger. However, it is important to note that the right combination of foods can help you speed up your metabolism and get rid of excess weight, very easily and in a completely natural way.

According to a study committed by researchers at the University of Iran, weight loss depends a lot on how to combine our diet. 44 obese participated women who were divided into two groups.

During three months women from both groups received healthy diet plan and consumed less than 500 calories a day. The only difference was, the spice cumin.

The first group was given 3 grams of cumin powder a day, which they consumed in combination with 140 grams of yogurt. The second group received the same amount of yogurt, but without the cumin.

At the end of the study, when the researchers collected the results they were truly amazed. The women in the first group who consumed yogurt and cumin, had lost 6 pounds more than the group that didn’t consume cumin.

In addition, the first group also lost significantly more fat than the other. The first group had lost 14.64% fat, while the other lost only 4.91%.

What makes cumin so effective is its abundance of filosterola. It is a compound that prevents accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Many scientists believe that this is the reason why cumin has the ability to speed up the metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

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