Nabeez –The Ancient Alkalizing and Detoxing Beverage! [RECIPE]

This year, the Nabeez drink is very popular, and this drink was actually the favorite to the Prophet Muhammad. The recipe drew a lot of attention because of its benefits.

People used to steep grapes in the early morning and drink the raisins in the evening.

Then, they steeped them in the evening and drink in the morning. Also, they steeped only in skin vessels and not in an earthen jar because they will get vinegar.

If anything was left out, they pour it out. Here’s how to prepare and why you should use the unique Nabeez drink.

Nabeez Recipe

Remember: Use raisins or dates, but never the 2 ingredients combined.

Take a handful of raisins or 6 to 7 dates (Ajwa)

You will require 6 to 8 oz of water.

The next step is to take the raisins or dates and place them in a bowl full of water.

Leave it overnight to soak in the water. Be sure to leave it some place at a room temperature.

Take out the dates or raisins and drink the remaining water.

Don’t forget to let it soak more that 2 or 3 days since that might cause the alcohol brewing process. Nabeez is something you can serve to guests instead of tea.

What Makes Nabeez So Important

This is an amazing beverage to drink throughout the suhoor as a pre-dawn meal. It is in fact an alkalizing tonic that removes the acidity, and it is vital for your digestive system since it eliminates the metabolic wastes from your organism.

It can boost your digestion due to the fact that the ingredients have a large amount of fiber that is soluble. Moreover, it can enhance the memory respondents.

Additionally, by consuming this drink can improve the performance of organs such as the spleen, prostate, liver, throat, and chest.