Miraculous Humus That Treats Diseases

Hummus is an Egyptian delightful dip that provides a great deal of health advantages. Chickpeas are recognised as the key component in hummus, excellent supply of B-vitamins and protein. Hummus is loaded with dietary fiber and it is very satiating.

It has the capacity to increase the immune system and thoroughly clean out the stomach. What is considerably good, it is extremely simple and easy to put together!

But, initially, allow me to tell you some specifics about this delicious food dip!

1. Being a great source of protein, it reduces hunger cravings, prevents excessive snacking, and balances blood sugar levels. Due to its iron content, it can boost energy and make you more motivated to exercise, meaning that hummus can act as a solid weight-loss agent

2. It helps lower cholesterol levels

3. Many celebrities adore this super-healthy food

4. Hummus comes in various flavors and many varieties

5. A number of people around the world are literally obsessed with hummus

6. Many studies proved that chickpeas significantly lower cancer risk

7. It is very easy to make at home

8. Eating hummus is part of the Mediterranean diet, which is very beneficial

9. Hummus is a great replacement for unhealthy dips and bread spreads

10. We have an interesting fact for hummus. Back in 2010, people in Beirut made the biggest plate of hummus, weighing 23,520 pounds!

The Main Ingredient Of Hummus Is A Superfood

Characterized with a sweet, nutty flavor, chickpeas are definitely a great addition to most salads. They can be easily made into hummus, incorporated into soups, or be prepared as a nutritious snack by baking them in the oven until crispy.

Even though chickpeas are part of the bean family, they are lower in starch, unlike other beans, meaning that they are ideal for those who want to lose a few pounds. They can be found in jars or cans, just make sure to choose those that aren’t soaked in oil or don’t contain any added salt. However, in order to get high-quality chickpeas, you should get dried variety and boil them on your own.

If prepared in the right way, hummus possesses potent cancer-fighting properties. It is considered that it can reduce the cancer risk by 50%. It was found that chickpeas and other legumes contain compounds that can significantly slow the growth of prostate and breast cells in vitro and to eradicate 64% precancerous colon growth in mice. Also, according to a number of studies, people who consumed legumes regularly have 32% lower risk of cancer in general, 57% lower risk of colon cancer and 45% lower risk of prostate cancer

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Make Your Own Hummus

As we said before, making hummus is extremely easy, fast, and simple. Just make sure to choose organic chickpeas!

No matter what way of preparing hummus you prefer, you should know that the process is almost the same for all recipes. Rinse and drain any canned beans, add all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want a thinner consistency, you can add water in order to get the desired texture.

Check out the graphic below!