What Is The Meaning Of Half Moon Shape On Nails

Our finger nails aren’t simply a collection of useless tissues designed to decorate and flaunt nail artwork with matching outfits. They are a very essential component of our body because nails hold signs and symptoms of many illnesses, even cancer. Don’t be anxious; we’re not here to terrify you!

Have you noticed a crescent-shaped whitish area at the bed of your fingernail while trying to stop biting nails? It isn’t just an area of pigment change under the nails; in fact, it is a highly sensitive area, and you should make sure it doesn’t get damaged.

This whitish half-moon on the nails is quite sensitive and must be taken care of. This crescent-shaped whitish area is called ‘lunula’ which means small moon in Latin.

It is the visible part of the nail’s root and if the lunula gets damaged, the entire nail gets permanently deformed.

Though it’s safe if the rest of the nail gets damaged or gets surgically removed since the lunula stays intact and safe.


The lunula is most visible on thumbs and might be faintly visible due to eponychium, the thickened layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails that cover the lunula. The lunula is known to indicate health conditions of a person as well.

According to Chinese alternative medicine, a lack of lunula indicates anaemia and malnutrition while a bluish/pale lunula indicates possible diabetes.

Reddish smudges on the lunula might be an indication of cardiovascular diseases. A lack of lunula (or a very small one) indicates indigestion and toxin overload in the body.

And guess what! You can paint your nails in half-moon style as well!

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