Man Decides To Eat Potatoes For A Year

Andrew Taylor was battling with extra fat for many years when he eventually made the decision to make a transformation and set himself on a diet regime. This individual wanted a huge transformation, so he made the decision to consume only potatoes.

He received a great deal of heat for his choice, but he endured by his decision and began the intense diet regime. Andrew consumed potatoes each and every day for 12 months, and the end result was incredible!

Many people told Andrew that the potato diet is unhealthy, while others didn’t believe he’d hold out for a year. However, Andrew decided not to listen to them and managed to lose a whopping 50 kg. in 12 months! “I was suffering from clinical depression and potatoes helped me through it,”Andrew said.

“I didn’t take antidepressants and now I’m sleeping better and also got rid of the joint pain I got from playing football 10 years ago. I spent days overindulging in junk food, chocolate, ice cream, pizza and sodas, and after a while, I realized that I’m addicted to unhealthy food.

If you’re an alcoholic and you realize this, you stop drinking. It’s the same with drugs, but you just can’t stop eating food all of a sudden, so I thought it through and realized that potatoes are the healthiest food I can eat,” Andrew explains.

He adds that potatoes are a healthy ingredient full of carbohydrates as well as protein, fats, fiber and vitamin C. His results show that he hasn’t chosen wrong – his cholesterol levels went down as did his blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Andrew says that the first 2 weeks were tough, but he stopped thinking about other foods in a short time. He eats 3-4 kg. of potatoes every day, goes only to restaurants that prepare potatoes and brings his potatoes at dinner parties. It’s safe to say that this vegetable has changed his life.

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