Making Holes In Cows

Cows are incredibly significant for the agriculture throughout the entire world. These days, modern agriculture is consisted of innovative methods with the purpose to better the level of quality of meat and dairy. However, the concern which occurs is whether or not these methods are risk-free and humane?

Modern Farming

Fistulation is a removal of a chunk of the animal’s abdomen in order to expose their stomachs and then fit it with a plastic ring so that the flesh of the cow is held open. Farmers claim that this is being done for health reasons; however, the process is definitely awful. Mutilation of living beings is a cause for concern because it certainly stresses the animal and causes discomfort.

According to some, fistulation can better the health of the cows since it enables a transfer of microbes from one cow to another. Nonetheless, the cows undergoing the procedure are meat and dairy. Those who benefit from this procedure are dairy and meat industries who slaughter animals. They don’t prolong their lives.

Animals Have Rights

Treating cows in this way shows the need of reforms in the agriculture industry. Animals don’t exist so that we can experiment with them and they’re not machinery to be drilled into and upgraded.

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People’s opinions are divided on whether this is a painless and harmless procedure or a mutilation filled with discomfort. What is your opinion regarding this procedure?