Leukonychia Condition

It is crucial for you to learn about the reason behind nail stains more specifically known as the white spots on a nail which appear due to air-bubbles beneath your nail.
Leukonychia is the medical term for this condition and it occurs mostly when the nail gets damaged in some sort of way. Then there are some that are genetically predisposed, and, the worst option of all is, for them to appear as an indicator of a severe medical disease.

If you happen to notice this nail symptom, we suggest you to contact your physician right away. The white dots are usually an indication for eczema, psoriasis, fungus, onychomycosis or warts on your nail.

It can affect to your nail health. The white spot on your nail might be one of 7 signs from sarcoidosis symptom which can affect to other organs such as; lungs, skin and other vital organ in the body.

There is Plummer nail which indicates with white speck on soft nails and refer to hyperthyroidism symptom. If your nail line is lower, then you will find early stage of nail diseases. The white spot on the horizontal line across to nail surface can show any leprosy symptom, malaria, Hodgkin diseases and cardiac arrest. If there is 2 white horizontal line across or narrow stripe on your nail, it can indicate signs of hypoalbuminemia symptom.

It is a sign for low level of albimun protein in your blood system. This symptom can lead to some serious diseases such as; chronic diseases and acute diseases include liver cirrhosis, irregular diet, heart failure and kidney disease.

In many cases, the inflammatory line response to injury or infection.

It is recommended to not ignore any change on your nail because it can lead and associated with other health problems.

It is advisable to check and inspect your nail condition with your doctor frequently to protect your nails from any harm diseases.