Lady Suffering From Migraines Discovers The Reason Behind Her Pain

How would you truly feel if you struggled from a extreme pain, and you had no clue why does the pain happen to you? If you just realized the cause, it would be much less traumatic because you might do something concerning the pain.

It had been identical for a lady called Andrea Henson. She struggled through horrible migraine headaches, but this girl simply had no idea what was triggering it. All she could possibly do is expect that the agony would magically go away.

Tragically, her pain continued – for 25 years. Because it went on for so long, it became normal for her to carry painkillers everywhere she went. And when she couldn’t take it anymore, Andrea would visit the hospital to get more help.

Little did she know that a simple test would take care of the problem.

One day, one of her friends told her about a test that figures out which food the taker is intolerant to. As a mother of two, and as a businesswoman, she thought this was a good opportunity to both help out her family and expand her business.

So, she brought her whole family to take it. Then, she received the unexpected results: it turned out that Andrea was intolerant to cow’s milk and corn.

According to the test, these types of foods were causing her migraines!

In addition, her husband also found out that he was intolerant to Brazil nuts, milk, and wheat. They learned that not only do these foods cause bloating, but it could also result in other health issues.

After receiving this shocking news, the family immediately cut out these foods that they were intolerant to for 12 weeks. And guess what happened?

Andrea’s migraines completely went away! And the rest of her family also was relieved of other issues such as bloating or indigestion.

Image via Female First

It’s amazing how our bodies react just by switching our diets.

To figure out how to get rid of migraines without pills, check out the clip below:

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