Ketogenic Diet As A Solution Against Migraines, Depression…

Nutritional ketosis is the most useful method that can guide us to reduced unhealthy weight and increased general health and wellbeing! That has already been shown by several recent studies. This form of diet plan, known as the ketogenic diet in fact functions in this approach: it changes our metabolic engine from burning up carbs to burning up fats.

You need from 50 to 70% of the food intake to be composed of some beneficial fats like coconut oil,grass-pastures butter, raw nuts like macadamia nuts and pecans,organic pastured eggs, and avocado. The complete amount of carbs you intake is very small, so the body tends to burn fats for energy. The amount of carbs is minimal and thereby the body burns fats for energy which means you have a very small amount of sugar in your system. It blocks the body from using fat in favor of burning sugar.

When the body is in this state, it produces ketone bodies and they are the ones made from fats processed in the liver. This diet actually forces the body into this metabolic state. You do it through carbohydrates starvation and not through calories starvation. The human body is very adaptive to what you consume, so according to this, it is going to burn ketone bodies as its prime energy source when it’s overloaded with fats and lacking in carbohydrates.



The most effective way of losing weight is to cut out carbs. The dietary carbs are very low when you’re using a ketogenic diet. The consumption of fat is increased and the protein is moderate. This actually makes the body able to rely on fats as its main source of energy, but it also uses the stored fat so that it can create ketone bodies.


We are all aware of cancer cells. They feed on sugar and sugar promotes cancer growth. According to this, if you use a diet which tends to eliminate sugar and other carbs, it will help you fight cancer. The normal cells in the body can use fat as energy source, but cancer cells cannot use fat.

In a recent review, according to Dr. Eugene Fine the ketone bodies change the availability of energy processes in cancerous cells and they stop cancer with this. There have already been some promising results for prostate, gastric, and colon cancer. In patients with advanced cancer, a diet which feasible and safe is insulin inhibiting.


The ketogenic diet has already been very helpful in neurological disorders. A research published in Behavioral Pharmacology claims that ketogenic diet can really decrease the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Autism is also another thing this diet is very effective for. A particular article in autism claims that this condition shares certain characteristics with epilepsy. Numerous autistic people have seizures linked to over-excitement of the cells of the brain. Also, numerous autistic children managed to show good results after 6 months on ketogenic diet!