Inside The Juice Boxes-What You Need To Know

When you allow your kids to consume sugars by drinking juices, a lot more opiates are flowing through their own bloodstream, and the effect is usually heading to the market for one more juice box. And right after that don’t question your self the reason why your child doesn’t want to look at the meal -because it is full from consuming all those unhealthy calories.

Although some high fat, high salt and high sugar food sound pretty appealing. Rings a bell?

What is important is the fact that too much fruit juice can sometimes cause tooth decay, flatulence and diarrhea. The nature has given you a variety of healthy foods rich in the vitamins,the perfect choice for your children. Even more, the natural healthy foods do not contain a lot of sugar and calories. You can be sure of one thing, your children do not need that juice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics introduced this guidance on the subject of the juice consumption. If you have children, or know someone who can find it helpful, this guidance is something you should specialy pay attention to.

You must not give fruit juices to an infant before it is 6 months old, unless your physician says otherwise. However, fruit juices are occasionally recommended but in small amounts, especially as a treatment for constipation.

For children between 6 months -6 years, fruit juice isn’t better than a whole fruit. The nutritional value of whole fruits is higher and also provides enough fiber and other necessary nutrients.

But, If you still think that your kids should consume fruit juice, you should never allow them to have a sippy cup, a bottle or a whole box of juice with them during the whole day. Limit their intake of fruit juice to 4 to 6 oz/d for children from 1 to 6 years old. Children aged between 7-18 years should not drink more than 8-12 oz or 2 servings per day.

Of course, these recommendations are only for 100% natural fruit juice, and is not applicable to any other juice drink. Fruit drinks often have small or no nutritional value.

Yes, we are all guilty of buying those juice boxes for all the birthday parties,different gatherings and family reunions. They are easy to use, the kids are happy and like them, and of course, they are a lot healthier than soda.

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But, a simple peek at the box will not help you see if it is moldy – you can tell that only when you start drinking the juice. What is even worse, sometimes you will not know until you have finished the whole box.

So, for the next soccer game you should start offering ice water. If the kids don’t like it, make sure you have some good and healthy snacks in the kitchen.