Ice Cube Trick to Watering Houseplants

Have you tried this watering trick with ice cubes before? Sound strange, but it’s a great idea to hydrate house plants. This way of watering houseplants with ice cubes is yet another method to hydrate plants such as hanging plants.

It also serves as an efficient way to avoid the problems of over-watering. Even it works well for dehydrated plants especially in summer.


This method helps to prevent water overflow. It is quick task to be performed for busy gardeners. The trick is that the slow-melting ice gives roots enough time to absorb the water properly.

This method works great for orchids as the roots need to be well drained.

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The two main benefits:

– Slow melting of ice gives roots and soil enough time to absorb the water properly
– Slow rate also ensures that water doesn’t leak out of the bottom of the plant’s container.


In case of hanging houseplants, water flows out quickly without reaching the roots. Hence ice cubes method ensure that considerable amount of water reaches the roots.

This is also a conservative method to save water. The only care to be taken to prevent the contact of ice cubes with the stem of plant as it may lead to shock.