Here’s What The First Body Part You Wash Says About Your Personality!

We are all aware of how important hygiene is and taking care of ourselves in general. It has a significant role in our lives. Too keep ourselves clean doesn’t only make you feel better but it also attracts people towards you. You enjoy that feeling of freshness and the product fragrance all day long. Nevertheless, science has stumbled upon some quite interesting facts about what the body parts you wash first.

As comical and unusual as it may appear, the body part you start washing first reveals something really intimate about your character. In this article, we will discuss washing which body part reveals what about you.


Some people wash their face first. But do they really want to know what that actually means? Well, people who wash their face first are drawn towards money. Money is the most vital thing in their life. Integrity and dignity come second. Their whole life revolves around earning enough money to secure their future and their kids’ future. These people are too self-centered and do not give much heed of what people think about them. People who wash their faces first are also generally good in bed and expect the same from their partners.


People who prefer washing their hair first are quite artistic in life. They are not logical and mostly think from their hearts instead of the brains. Money is never on their mind. They might spend most of their time daydreaming but they have the ability to achieve what most people are not able to. These people might come off as lazy and weak but they work tirelessly to achieve their goals. People who clean their chest first are and to be more artistic by nature. They love to hang out with their artists and painter friends. These people are also incredibly good in bed, as they like to explore all their options and keep their partner pleased by all means.


People who generally wash their chest first are very straightforward and logical. They make all their decisions using their brains. These people will not waste their time in making up stories but get straight to the point. They are often irritated when interrupted during an important task and dislike people who do not see eye to eye with them. If you are one of these people then you are also a good sex partner and will get along quite well with a person who loves to wash their hair first.


If you like to wash your armpits first in the shower, then you are considered a person who is always depending on others yet very hardworking too. People really like you and love spending time with you. You are quite popular and the most cheerful in your group. However, you mostly get in trouble because people take advantage of your good nature and lie to you. In order to continue living the happy life you need to be aware of the backstabbers around you. Your best sex partner is the one who washes their shoulders first.


People who wash their shoulders first might have trouble achieving things in life. Basically, they are the underachievers. No matter how much they try, they are always failing at doing things. People don’t like you much either, so you end up being a loner. Such people are drawn towards money and power. They despise their life and prefer drinking and gambling away their money for momentary happiness. These people also have trouble finding their soul mates and end up alone. The only chance they have is with another person who loves to wash their armpits too.


Technically, those who wash their ears first are very good observants. These people are keen on gaining every type of knowledge. However, one downfall is that they are very stubborn. They also come off as little arrogant to other people because of their highly confident attitude. They often think others are below them because they don’t have the capacity to absorb the knowledge they possess.


However, people who wash their privates first tend to be highly sexual, and devoted lovers. They open up only to a few lucky people whom they consider true friends. They are true romantics and proved to be really good in bed too. Their best match is someone who washes their genitals first or people who share the same passion as them.

3. NECK:

According to research if you wash your neck first then you are a coward. We are not making any conclusions here, but people who wash their neck first are short tempered and are always finding a way to escape responsibility. These people are also famous for being anti-social. They think society can’t handle their outrageous personality. They also think that the world is secretly plotting against them.

2. FEET:

People who wash their feet first are highly submissive. They are known for surrendering in difficult situations and make really bad partners too. These people have a limited mindset. They fail to get out of the box and do something creative with their life. They want to achieve something big in life, but they scare failing and thus don’t even try. Usually, people who wash their feet first make good partners with them. Let’s accept it, who else would bear with them.


People who start off with other body parts are known to be very average. They are internally strong but fail to recognize their own strengths. These people need a little push every now and then to realize their potential. Their biggest power is that they accept people with flaws and get along with almost everyone very well. When it comes to their love lives, they are pretty average at sex. They try to be adventurous in bed but fail to express themselves as such. People who would wash first faces first, would be great partners for them.