Herbs & Cures Map: Before Big Pharma Settled In,Herbal Cures Ruled U.S

A lot of online websites published the articles about an amazing map named Herbal Cures Map that is more than eight decades old. The herbal cures map describes the popular medicinal herbs and plants used in 1932 and how they were using the herbs in those times.

The content and text found on the map it is necessary for the general public to not forget that dentistry,pharmacy and medicine are professions that provide important services and that these professions should not be affected by commercial trends and changes. Both the people who work in these fields and the public will feel equal negative consequences in case the services lose their fundamental purpose.


It would appear that only a small number of the general public understand the importance of herbs, plants and minerals in the field of pharmacy and how vital these things are when it comes to general health. 7 out 10 medicines are based and depend on plants. Obviously, these numbers were relevant in 1932.

What is more interesting is the presence of Cannabis Sativa on the map.This plant is illegal in many states today which is another proof how Big Pharma affects our lives.

On the off chance that we investigate the situation today we will see that the modern medical system mostly depends on protected biological compounds and chemical solutions that have almost nothing in common with the pharmacy based on plants practiced more than 8 decades ago. According to many experts, the FDA itself doesn’t support the use of substances and compounds that come from nature and pharmaceutical drugs have become a standard.

That’s why we are sharing this amazing map to increase the awareness of popular herbal medicines used in the past that didn’t come with any side effects and were almost equally efficient as today’s chemical drugs.

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