What Happens After Putting Nail Polish

Do you remember when as a kid your mom explained to you that you weren’t permitted to use nail polish due to the fact that you were too young? Or, how about when she advised you that nail polish might harm your nails?

Turns out that she was correct. Nail polish is harming to your nails particularly as a kid when your body system is still building. Even once you’ve grown up putting on too a lot of nail polish without letting your nails time to breathe, this can lead them to turn out to be brittle and yellow-colored.

Although, you don’t have to completely avoid using the pretty polish. Here are a few of the negative effects that nail polish has on your body.

As you may know, nail polish is made up of a bunch of toxic chemicals that are capable of not only damaging your nails but damaging your health.

Toluene is a solvent also known as a chemical responsible for dissolving other chemicals. This chemical gives the nail polish its smooth finish and maintains its color.

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Toluene can cause reproductive disorders and also affects the central nervous system.

The likely consequences of this chemical are headaches, fainting, weakness, and nausea.

Another chemical found in nail polish is formaldehyde, a colorless gas that preserves the polish over long periods of time.