Grandma Took Boiling Water And Did An Amazing Thing To Her Granddaughter

Generally there are often circumstances in our existence that don’t appear to offer us an in or an out at the end in a blind street. However this wise grandmother displays her anxious granddaughter with 3 kitchen components exactly how EVERY one of us all can deal with difficulty and challenges. Seems weird? Just hang on till the end of the story!

A young girl is visiting her grandmother. She is stressed out and dissatisfied with her life – nothing is going as planned. Whenever she thinks she has dealt with a problem, a new one pops up. The woman tells her grandmother that she is completely at her wits end and does not know how to continue on.

Without a word, the old woman went into the kitchen. She water into 3 pots and put it them on the stove. When the water began to boil in the first pot she put a few carrots, a few eggs to another few coffee beans in the last.

After 20 minutes, she turned off the stove and the content of each pan placed in different bowls. Then she asked her grandmother:

“Carrots, eggs or coffee?”

Her grandmother said her to feel the boiled carrots, to clean hard-boiled eggs and take a sip of the coffee. The granddaughter did as she was told:

“But why I am doing all that?” Asked the girl who was still confused.

Her grandmother explained, each of these 3 ingredients have had to cope with some consequences, they were in the boiling water, but each reacted differently.

“Carrots entered the pot strong and firm, but after a while, they softened. Egg was frail and fragile; its thin membrane protected the liquid inside. But when it is cooked, its interior has become strong. Coffee beans were unique, but when found themselves in boiling water, they changed the water!

“And what are you?” The grandmother asked her granddaughter.

“Are you the egg? Carrots? Or coffee?”

“Think about this: Am I the carrot that seems strong and looks solid, but when things get” hot “and the obstacles that must be crossed, you gives up and loses strength?”

“Am I the egg with thin shell, but after the divorce, accident or financial disaster, become stronger and unattainable? Am I look the same outside, but inside I’m bitter?”

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“Either I’m a coffee bean? When the water becomes hot, it released its aroma. When you are coffee bean, you change the situation around towards better when things go wrong.”

We all should ask in which way we dealing with problems? Wise words of the grandmother, the comparison of the character with carrots, eggs or coffee is a great way to describe the way how we handle with the challenges in our life.