Good Riddance To Your Double Chin With These 3 Easy Exercises

Regardless if the remainder of your body is sleek and thin, what catches people’s eyes is the face, the look and shape of it. We’re unable to ignore extcessive fat on someone’s face. It is a real confidence killer and and a nest of insecutiries for your overall appearance. It’s truly frustrating to look at the reflection in the mirror and see a face retaining water, holding excess weight, and looking fat.

For many people learning how to lose fat in your face is a top priority. However, it is a tough place to slim down. There are no typical exercises to do at the gym, and in some cases, fewer calories will not make the difference you need to slim down your face fat. But continue reading to learn all the secrets to losing this stubborn fat.

Why Our Faces Store Stubborn Fat

More than any other part of the body our face tells the truth about your diet and overall lifestyle. While some people have thighs that stay thin, despite constant indulgence in cakes, and others have stubborn love handles, regardless of intense hours at the gym.

The face is essentially a road map to all of our good and bad habits. This means a number of positive lifestyle choices are needed to decrease face fat.

3 Face Exercises

1. Exercise Your Face Muscles

It is impossible to find a machine at the gym to work your face muscles. There is no such thing as spot reducing workouts for the face. For a long time, it did not seem necessary or feasible to slim the face by building better muscles.

However, it does make a difference to exercise face muscles, and strengthening and toning these muscles is one way for how to lose fat in your face. Start with decreasing that double chin. It is, perhaps, that most annoying and noticeable fat on the face.

2. Chin Raises

To work on a double chin, do chin raises. It is a simple exercise that only involves the movement of the lips. You start by tilting your head toward the ceiling, purse the lips like a fish or in the form of a kiss and hold [3]. You will need to do several repetitions over time to see results.

3. Cheek Exercises

Another part of the face that seems to hold fat is the cheeks. There are some exercises for more defined cheekbones and less puff.

All you need to do is suck in your cheeks as you tightly purse your lips, then attempt to smile, without changing your facial position. The benefits can be seen in your jaw, cheeks, and the overall amount of fat in your face.

Full Body Fat Loss

The first step to how to lose fat in your face is overall weight loss. When you lose fat from your stomach, arms, and legs, there should be a corresponding loss of fat from the face. Alone, this can cause a noticeable and pleasing difference in appearance.

There are different ways to achieve this full body fat loss.

1. Reduce Calories Per Day

First, and foremost, by reducing the number of calories you consume every day. This is the best way to see weight loss, as most people underestimate the number of calories they consume on a daily basis.

Cutting back on overall intake and counting the calories you do consume will give you a better idea of the reasons and foods that cause weight gain. Another way to think of this is ensuring you burn more calories than you consume.

2. Start The Day With Breakfast

Second, start your day with breakfast. The research shows that men and women who eat breakfast are slimmer than those who do not.

This first meal of the day jumpstarts the metabolism and prepares the body for steady and sufficient food intake throughout the day. Eating complex carbs like oatmeal and a protein shake is a great meal to start the day.

Even better, get in a short exercise before this initial meal; that will help you burn the calories faster and keep your metabolism riding high most of the day.

3. Cut Out Sweets and Sugars

Sometimes a fat face is not fat at all. This makes it even harder to know to approach how to lose fat in your face. The best example is bloated facial features. Much of what affects the shape of the face is related to water and water retention. The face is an easy place for water to post up and cause appearance problems.

There are a lot of needs for water, including as an aid in breathing or chewing and keeping eyes, nose, and mouth moist. However, too much H2O around the neck and cheeks, then the face looks bloated and fat.

Two major causes of a bloated face are sugars and salts. While sweets, sodas, and candies are the obvious instigators of excess sugar, it can be slightly trickier to pinpoint the sources of sodium.

Begin by eliminating processed foods, such as lunch meats and canned goods. Then, replace these waterlogging bad boys with healthier, low-sodium options such as lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Reduce Alcohol Intake

While there is wiggle room in any diet for cheat days and slip-ups, when it comes to face fat and alcohol, every sip seems to have an impact. Unlike sugars and fats, alcohol settles directly on the cheeks and chin, but not as fat. Instead, it leads to a condition described more accurately described as pudgy or bloated. Here is the science behind alcohol and face fat.

Alcohol directly affects some of the major glands around the face, the salivary glands. It causes these glands to swell. This, in turn, makes the face look wider and fatter. Cutting out alcohol or reducing your intake will result in an immediate change to the shape and look of your face. Also, less alcohol will mean more supple, robust skin that will stay younger looking, longer.

Finally, a Quick Fix

The face is one of the few places in the body that can look slimmer fast. This is because all too often the reasons behind your fat face are not related to weight. So, when it comes to losing face fat, we might not be talking about fat. Simply, other issues that mimic the look of fat.

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Instead, salts are making you retain water, sugars are making you bloated, or alcohol is making your glands puffy. Perhaps, you are not consuming enough water, and your body compensates by retaining what it does have.

When you make, even minor, adjustments in these other areas of your diet, it leads to a quick fix in your face. These immediate improvements act as motivation for bigger and better changes in diet and lifestyle that will help maintain a slimmer face in the long run.