Facts Why Farting Is Healthy

Flatulence generally well-known as farting is a supplier of laughing out loud or unpleasantness. It is one of those scenarios where you never want to get yourself in. Too much farting can cause massive discomfort and stress, mostly when there are different individuals around.

A round of farting can strike at the most unwanted moments- throughout a discussion, or even worse in a crowded elevator.

But surprisingly we have got you reasons to believe that ‘Farting’ is actually healthy for your body and is a necessary activity in order to maintain body fluids and acidic content in your intestines.

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1 Warning signal

No matter what you do, there is no way to rid yourself of gas completely. But that’s a good thing because your farts can tell you a lot about your health. Even if you sometimes find it annoying, you should be grateful for them because they are early warning signs of several health problems.

Strong smells, high frequency, or unusual pain while tooting can all be signs of serious illness.

2 Reduces bloating

We all some or the other times overeat, be it at a friend’s birthday celebration or some family function. Right? So when a large amount of food has to be digested all at once, your body stores excess water and your intestines produce excess gas.

3 That stench is good!

Yeah! Surprising but it is healthy to smell your own farts! Studies have shown that there are ingredients in your gas that shield you from harmful diseases. This is due to hydrogen sulfide, the chemical that gives some gas that rotten egg smell. In high doses the chemical is poisonous, but in small amounts, it can protect your cells and help prevent heart attack and stroke.

4 Balances nutritional needs

Everyone knows how important nutrition is, but did you know that your gas can tell you what’s missing from your diet? Different types of food produce various kinds of gas, which can indicate whether you are eating too much or too little of something.

If you rarely have gas, your diet is probably lacking in fiber. Good sources of fiber are whole grains, green vegetables, and lentils. Too much red meat can cause a bad smell and may be an indicator that you should cut back on those steaks and burgers.

5 Indicator to healthy bacteria

Thinner people toot more often and are happier! Yes, it is scientifically proved. That’s because people who eat healthily often have higher intakes of fiber and eat more fruits and vegetables that stimulate digestion. Those things give your gut bacteria more to work with, giving your digestive tract more practice, which can lead to more gas production.

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6 Healthy for intestines

Did your parents ever tell you to “hold it in?” Well, it is not very healthy to always hold your gas in. Every once and a while won’t do any harm, but if you are constantly holding back, your intestinal activity can be affected, which can cause painful cramping. It is much better just to relax and let it all out.

7 And it feels so good!

Well, there are a few things which give real ‘relief’ when you just let them out. Farting is no such exception. Yeah, it is funny, you may feel pretty terrible but letting it out is the only option! It feels so very good after all.

So from now no ‘holding it in,’ rather let people know its benefits. Right?

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