This Is What Those Eye Floating Things Are

A lot of folks detect quite a few bug-looking dots and doodles in their vision. All these are recognized as “flying flies”, “floaters”, but the medical label is “muscae volitantes”.

This particular is an happening of protein detachment in the eyes and these proteins’ shadow spreading in the retina.

The floaters, as well as the shadows they cast are not harmful at all. You are capable to notice them due to the fact that they come quite close to the retina and move there. It is simply that their occurrence is filtered by the human brain.

The short explanations and facts we gave you are just guidance and introduction, and a wider and more detailed explanation is given in the video attached in this article. If further explains this phenomenon and these little things, as well as their meaning in general and whether they can affect our overall eye health.

It is highly recommended to see it and better understand muscae volitantes.

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