Eliminating Huge Amount Of Earwax

This individual was stressing of discomfort and deafness in one ear. Within her ear canal, the medical professional instantly discovered the trigger.
Incredible mass of earwax was obstructing the woman’s ear. It got developed as a outcome of a otomycosis – a fungal infection in the outer ear canal.

Otomycosis is a fungal ear infection, a superficial mycotic infection of the outer ear canal. It is more common in the tropical countries. The infection may be either subacute or acute and is characterized by malodorous discharge, inflammation, pruritus, scaling, and severe discomfort.

Suppuration can occur due to superimposed bacterial infection commonly due to pseudomonas species and proteus species. The mycosis results in inflammation, superficial epithelial exfoliation, masses of debris containing hyphae, suppuration, and pain.

The most common finding on ear examination is the presence of greyish white thick debris.

Thankfully, once the obstruction was eliminated, her ability to hear was totally restored!

Here is the video of the massive removal of ear wax. Removal of fungal debris using ear scoop or ear curette was done , ear wax suctioning was also performed with the application of hydrogen peroxide solution that acts as an antiseptic and ear wax softener.