Effective Recipe For Sagging Skin

Flaccidity in the pores and skin is a issue that impacts generally ladies, and sadly a big part of women.

Hips and legs, breasts, tails and also biceps have a tendency to get very soft over time and absence of physical exercise. Generally there are many items to be offered in the marketplace, but they are typically made of chemical substance and not really successful.

So I decided to bring a recipe that had great results with a friend of mine, and they did not take long to be seen. She was very pleased with the positive result. It is easy to make, natural and with cheap ingredients.

It’s an incredible formula. It is truly powerful and does not cause side effects. Make and check!


    • 1 cup of powdered clay
    • 1 cup black tea cup

1 cup cup of pure coffee (liquid)

1 brush or brush

1 eighth cup almond oil

Note: Clay is easily found in natural products stores.

Method of preparation

    • Mix all the ingredients until the consistency is homogeneous and pasty.

      If you want a more consistent blend, add more powdered clay.

      Wash flaccid areas with clean water before applying product.

      Do not leave residues of any product, such as soap.

      The mixture will be applied with the help of brush or brush.

      Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water until the mask is removed.

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This mask can be used whenever you find it necessary, since it is natural and for external use.

I’m sure you’ll love the result!